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Friday, July 25, 2014

Publishers Weekly Sneak Preview for 2015!

Exciting news from Publishers Weekly!

Arbordale pricks up its ears for Sounds of the Savanna by Terry Catasús Jennings, showcasing a habitat alive with noise; Achoo!: Why Pollen Counts by Shennen Bersani, featuring an allergic baby bear; Fibonacci Zoo by Tom Robinson, illus. by Christina Wald, in which a boy discovers a pattern at an unusual zoo; Wandering Wooly by Andrea Gabriel, focusing on how Little Wooly uses her senses to find her way back to her family; and Tornado Tamer by Terri Fields, illus. by Laura Jacques, an adaptation of The Emperor’s New Clothes in which a weasel promises to build a special cover to protect the town from tornadoes.

Here's the full link to the preview:  Publisher's Weekly 2015 Sneak Preview

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