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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Always something new...

So today, out of the blue, I get a package in the mail. It's from Adams Media, my publisher for my two Everything Kids Science Experiments books. Typically, the only time I hear from them is when sales totals are reported, so this was a bit unexpected.

I open the package to find four copies of  these... The Everything Kids Science Experiments Korean!
The Everything Kids Science Experiments Book...
translated and re-designed for Korea!

It seems my book has a new life, and it's going to be in Korea. Thanks to an observant former student (Scoop Boxly), I have learned that the 'awards' at the top of the page mean, generally, 1) it's a great seller, 2) it's popular in other countries (like...the US...where it was written and published...but perhaps the Koreans who will buy this don't know that), and 3) it's filled with good science.

I did some sleuthing myself and figured out that the main title (highlighted in yellow) says 'Science Experiments'. Can't find my name on it, but the original cover is there, which is cool.
Not the clearest picture of the inside, but then again, I can't read a word anyway.

So apparently this is a thing and yes, it just happened. My first book has been translated into Korean. That now makes the third language I've been published in (Spanish language version of Fibonacci Zoo), and a very odd, exciting day for me. I'm not really sure what to do with all the copies I have, but if I ever meet a Korean child who doesn't yet speak English, I'm ready!

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