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Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Book For All Seasons (Leavenworth, WA)

A Book For All Seasons - Leavenworth, WA
A big thank you to Theresa at A Book For All Seasons, in Leavenworth, WA for hosting me today for a book signing. I've lived here for going on nine years now and have really only been to Leavenworth for athletic contests, though we did make it out to Oktoberfest last year for the first time.

So this was my first experience with a Christmas weekend and wow - it was jaw-dropping. I was worried I would be there too early and would have to find something to do for 45 minutes or so, but about 2 miles outside of town (not on the Seattle side, mind you) traffic just stopped. We inched along the whole rest of the way as the snow started to really come down. By the time I left, the snow had only picked up, and the backup (bumper to bumper) stretched for several miles. There's no way they all were going to make it for the tree lighting. But I didn't care - my work was done and I limped home with just the passenger side windshield wiper working - but that's a story for another time.

I had a great day today meeting and greeting everyone who stopped in. You can't really see from the photos, but we were kind of placed right in the middle of everything, so anyone coming in kind of had to at least take a look at us. I met some super fun kids, including a young lady who is going to take the world by storm when she grows up (right now she wants to teach fashion design, but I have a hunch she may end up a math teacher), a high school teacher changing lost lives in an alternative high school in Tacoma (remember, every life you save is a life saved!), a first grade teacher whose kids are already begging for more challenging reading material (such as...say...Fibonacci Zoo?) and a 2nd grade teacher (seen above in the picture!) who just casually picked up my science book not realizing the author was standing right next to her. She is taking a really fun resource back to her students on Monday morning.

Did I mention 'throngs'?
I never know what to expect from book signings, but so far, I have never been disappointed. Today, despite the crazy snow outside and the throngs of people (who apparently come from ALL OVER on buses for this event - yes, it's a thing!), I had a really fun day. The drive home took way too long at 40 mph, partially because of the snow, and mostly because I really couldn't see out of my driver's side. But all's well, and more kids are getting some really powerful new books under their Christmas trees this year!

Oh, and just sharing some other fun news - each year at this time of year, my Everything Kids Science Experiments Book rises up Amazon's Top 100 list to near the top. It's uncanny, and so cool to watch! Today, it's at #28 (having DROPPED, mind you). Thanks to everyone who helped put it there!

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